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Johnson City Fire Department Seeks Community Input for Strategic Plan

In an effort to improve and optimize their service, the Johnson City Fire Department (JCFD) invites the community members to share their experiences and perspectives. As part of an accreditation process, the department has launched a community survey.

Community Survey for Strategic Planning

The survey, available online, is designed to be straightforward and time efficient, with the expectation of completion in less than five minutes. It is compiled of multiple choice questions with an additional section for extra comments. The collected data will help the department in crafting their strategic plan for the next five years. The JCFD reassures citizens that all submissions will remain anonymous.

The Department encourages community members to participate via the following link: The survey will be open until August 14th.

Previous Surveys Lead to Operational Changes

In 2019, the JCFD conducted a similar community survey, the results of which influenced several operational changes. Notably, findings from the survey led to a partnership between JCFD and Ballad Health. This partnership significantly fortified their car seat installation program.

Expanded Car Seat Installation Program

The fire department doubled its number of certified car seat technicians thanks to its collaboration with Ballad Health. These specialists are skilled in installing and examining child safety seats and providing advice on choosing the appropriate seat depending on the age, weight and height of the child. Furthermore, the program allocates child safety seats to families who are financially challenged.

Importance of Community Participation

The Johnson City Fire Department underscores the need for collective community involvement in this initiative. The responses will offer the department a broader perspective on its services, areas of strength, and areas that require improvement. The Department views this survey as an opportunity for citizen influence in public safety service optimisation.

Avenues for Feedback and Engagement

There are additional ways that community members can engage with the JCFD outside of the survey. Individuals are encouraged to stay updated with the latest news from the department by subscribing to a free email newsletter.

By soliciting community input, the Johnson City Fire Department demonstrates its commitment to hearing and incorporating public opinion in its service strategy. Community engagement at this level ensures that the department’s services align with the needs and expectations of the people they serve.

Time for Community Voice

This survey is a unique opportunity for residents to voice their thoughts and provide the fire department with valuable information. The department eagerly awaits the community’s input, anticipating it will guide its strategic direction over the next five years. The Johnson City Fire Department encourages all residents to seize this opportunity and participate in the survey before August 14th.

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