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Sullivan County, Tennessee

The Bristol City Council is the city’s governing body. The Council is made up of five members, three of whom are chosen by the city’s eligible voters from three council districts and two of whom are voted to at-large seats by the city’s eligible voters. Members of the City Council are chosen for a four-year staggered term on a nonpartisan basis.

The City Council chooses one of its members to serve as mayor for a year and one of its members to serve as Vice-Mayor for a year each year in July. The Mayor is the ceremonial head of the city and preside over all City Council meetings, but he has no executive or administrative powers or tasks. In the event that the Mayor is unable to serve, the Vice-Mayor takes over. The council, as the city’s legislative body, is in charge of approving the appropriation of funds and the collection of taxes, as well as the approval of bonds and notes and the enactment of legislation (ordinances).

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