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Johnson City Fire Department Seeks Community Input for Service Improvement

In a bid to provide better services, the Johnson City Fire Department (JCFD) has called on members of the community to partake in a survey. Their goal is to gather information on possible areas of improvement, as part of the department’s accreditation process. The findings will help to shape the fire department’s strategic plan for the next five years.

Community Participation and Anonymity

The survey, set up by JCFD, is completely anonymous and doesn’t take much time to fill out. It consists of multiple-choice style questions alongside an open-ended section for personalized comments. This approach ensures maximum participation, with the department looking to reach as many residents as possible before the survey deadline on Aug. 14.

Impact of Previous Surveys on Operation Strategies

According to the JCFD, this is not the first time such a survey has been conducted. A community survey was carried out in 2019 that contributed significantly to the operational alterations within the fire department. They highlighted the example of a partnership with Ballad Health, created as a result of the 2019 survey, which enhanced the car seat installation program.

Advancements in the Car Seat Installation Program

Following the direct feedback from the previous survey, the fire department was able to double its number of certified car seat technicians. These technicians not only install and thoroughly check safety seats for children but also advise on the suitable size dependent on the child’s age, height, and weight. Furthermore, the program extends to providing child safety seats to families who might be unable to afford them.

Contributing to the Survey

The Johnson City Fire Department is urging community participation, encouraging all residents to that the survey, which is available online, by clicking the following link: JCFD Community Survey. The survey is set to close on Aug. 14, after which data will be analyzed and used for strategic planning within the department.

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