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Bristol, Virginia Leaders Express Discontent Over Fourth of July Event Location

Bristol, Virginia— City officials have begun to voice their disappointment over the site selection for the upcoming Fourth of July festivities. The popular Believe in Bristol festival, which usually alternates locations annually between Bristol, Virginia, and Bristol, Tennessee, has uncharacteristically decided to stay put in Bristol, Tennessee, for a second consecutive year, causing a stir among Virginia leaders.

Dissatisfaction Expressed by Officials

City leaders have made it clear that they felt blindsided by the organization’s announcement to host the event at Anderson Park in Bristol, Tennessee. Previously, there had been an informal understanding that both cities would take turns hosting the event each year.

Alleged Agreement Reneged

“In 2023, Believe in Bristol held their Fourth of July event at Anderson Park, and I was told, by the director of Believe in Bristol, that the 2024 Fourth of July event would be held at Cumberland Park” , asserted Neal Osborne, a city council member from Bristol, Virginia. “That was the mutual understanding we were operating under. We discovered that the celebration would not be held in Cumberland Park only when Believe in Bristol released their announcement.”

No Explanations from the

Given the ongoing controversy, an attempt was made to contact Believe in Bristol to obtain an explanation for deciding to hold the Fourth of July event in Bristol, Tennessee, instead of Bristol, Virginia. As of this time, no official response has been received from the organization.

Expectations from Mutual Cooperation

Rich in shared history and cultural heritage, the twin cities of Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee, symbolize unity and common aspirations. To strengthen this bond, residents from both cities have often looked forward to shared festivities like these.

The council believes that alternating the event location promotes fair representation and participation from both sides. More importantly, they believe this model has worked well in the past. Nevertheless, the recent happenings have left them baffled and frustrated, as Bristol, Virginia was expecting to host this year’s celebration.

Awaiting a Resolution

As discussions unfold, it remains to be seen how this issue will be resolved. Unless a consensus is reached or an acceptable explanation made, the unity that lends charm to these twin cities could be tainted on this year’s Fourth of July.

Local authorities in Bristol, Virginia, continue to push for a promise of fair involvement in future events to avoid such issues. The community waits with bated breath, hoping this incident would not dampen the spirit of the upcoming Independence Day celebrations in either of the twin cities.

Direct Impact on Residents

For residents looking forward to local festivities, this issue has caused considerable distress. Many residents believe that the understanding of alternating locations was a key factor in maintaining a sense of community across the Twin Cities. With that agreement now in question, residents of Bristol, Virginia feel overlooked, and those in Bristol, Tennessee face a community chorus of concern.


Given that Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee are proudly united in heritage and common goals, few could have imagined a disagreement placing the Fourth of July celebrations in jeopardy. Nevertheless, this issue brings to light the importance of communication and mutual agreement between communities sharing spaces, resources, and, in this unique scenario, a name.

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